With the Cavaliers announcing they'll be bringing “Men Are From Mars” to the field in 2017, we got to thinking about five other times members of the Green Machine did what they do best.

The Cavaliers have long played up their distinctiveness as an all-male corps, so it's no surprise we have so many memorable shows that showcased the masculine identity of the performers. 

4th Place, 95.700

“Rituals” kicked off with “Sensemayá,” about a pre-Columbian snake-killing ceremony from south of the border. Its fierce aggression featured color guard members utilizing ropes as snakes, ceremonial masks and other unusual devices.

1st Place, 98.700

“007” is a study in all things suave and debonair. With cleverly conceived drill formations, chase scenes, and even a raucous gun battle, the corps portrayed James Bond to a “T,” ready to take names and kick some derrière.  

3rd Place, 96.850

The title of the corps' “XtraordinarY” production itself gave a nod to the XY male chromosomes, and turned our expectations upside-down with its physical demands.

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"Revolution and Triumph"
1st Place, 97.500

“Revolution and Triumph” earned the corps its very first DCI World Championship title, inspired by the crumbling of the Soviet Union. The corps threw down the gauntlet with “Gavorkna Fanfare” and plowed through an unbearable tension on the way to ultimate resolution.

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"Mad World"
2nd Place, 97.750

“Mad World” dealt with the many circumstances of daily life that make us all a bit mad. The hands-down highlight featured the entire horn line doing one-legged push-ups while shouting the Marine Corps' “Rifleman's Creed,” perfectly capturing the Green Machine's sense of bravado.

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