With the Blue Knights announcing the title of their 2017 production simply as “i,” we got to wondering: Has there ever been a shorter show title in DCI history? 

The Cavaliers 2004
1st Place, 98.700

The Cavaliers won it all with “007,” paying tribute to the one and only James Bond. If you somehow forgot the title while lost in a mesmerizing array of complex visual effects, you needed only to wait until the corps spelled out the secret agent's code name across the field.  

Blue Devils 2015
1st Place, 97.650

Also with a short title that was good enough for gold, the Blue Devils stunned audiences in 2015 with “Ink,” as they powered their way into first place at the DCI Finals, after finishing all the way back in fourth on the first day of Prelims competition.  

Velvet Knights 2007
7th Place, Division III, 75.325

The reincarnation of the Velvet Knights in 2007 excited many hoping to catch a glimpse of the laid-back California cool from the former corps' heyday in the 1980s and ‘90s. As the DCI Finals came to Pasadena, the Knights' program, simply a Roman numeral 10, didn't disappoint as a lone pair of red Converse sneakers hung from the drum major's podium. 

Seattle Cascades 2016
22nd Place, 75.150

The Seattle Cascades brought “O” to the field last season to mark the corps' golden anniversary. The title was inspired by the numeral “50” and the middle digit of the corps' 206 (two-oh-six) area code. Heard throughout the show was a recurring vocal sample of the syllable, underscored visually with large circular props.

Santa Clara Vanguard 2007
5th Place, 94.175

Often referred to by its alternate title of “Eureka,” Vanguard initially left fans scratching their heads in 2007 after announcing their show with a single exclamation mark. Using the punctuation as a reoccurring visual theme, it's a show title that perfectly summed up the excitement and boldness of Vanguard's creation.