April is drum corps volunteer month on DCI.org. If you'd like to "nominate" a fabulous drum corps volunteer, send a writeup and a photo to content@dci.org. Pat Seidling, director of the Phantom Regiment, submitted this nomination. Volunteer: Barb Shantzen
Corps: Phantom Regiment

Barb Shantzen
A longtime volunteer from suburban Chicago, Barb has worked every role on the volunteer side since the early 1980s: Sewing crew, food crew, member support and scholarship coordinator. She is currently a key member of the souvenir crew.^ Barb has never had children in the corps nor never marched. She was friends with a member's mother and came along to help one weekend and basically never left! Today Barb can be seen at nearly every camp, greeting members and supporters new and old, and keeping the souvie table up and running. She also tours on the souvie truck nearly half of each summer tour. Barb is a legal secretary for a law firm in Chicago, and for many years worked on the 85th floor of the Sears Tower in downtown Chicago. She is now with a firm that works a little closer to the earth!