April is drum corps volunteer month on DCI.org. If you'd like to "nominate" a fabulous drum corps volunteer, send a writeup and a photo to content@dci.org. Howard Weinstein, director of the Boston Crusaders, nominated Linda Wheeler. Volunteer: Linda Wheeler
Corps: Boston Crusaders
Linda Wheeler has an absolute heart of gold. She is there for the kids in every possible way.

Linda Wheeler
From cooking on the food truck, to helping with uniforms, to helping sponsor members, to throwing money at the kids on the road when she feels they need "spending money," she means so much to all of the members.^ Linda is respected by everyone -- the instructional staff, the administration, as well as her fellow volunteers. She is very shy, and never wants any recognition or credit for all of her hard work. Linda has been with the drum corps for many years. She helps out at camps, spring training, and does as much tour time as her vacation time will allow her. I think what impresses me most about Linda is her unconditional love for everyone. She comes through during the most difficult times, and makes everyone she comes in contact with feel very special. Linda is one of those people that makes the Boston Crusaders who they are. When someone becomes a Boston Crusader, they become "a Giant." Linda Wheeler is the greatest "Giant" of them all.

Howard Weinstein, director
Boston Crusaders