The polls are open! Vote now for the top 12 DCI shows of all time to air in the 2006 DCI Classic Countdown at a theater near you! The polls close Monday, Feb. 13, at 5 p.m. Central time. The DCI Classic Countdown features the top 12 shows voted on by drum corps fans. The 12 shows will then be shown in larger-than-life proportion in select theaters across the country on April 27. The 12 shows from last year's version of the DCI Classic Countdown will not be eligible to appear this year. Cast your ballot! Slightly different from 2005, in this round fans will be asked to choose two corps from the 1970s, four corps each from the 1980s and 1990s and two corps from the 2000s. No corps can appear on the countdown more than once during the evening, so as many times as you may vote for your one favorite corps, only the highest vote-getting year of a corps will be shown. As a special incentive this year, and as our way of saying thank you, all voters will be offered a 10 percent discount for a DCI Season Pass subscription (for a full year or three-month subscription).