The online voting poll developed for our fans to determine the order of appearance at the upcoming Masters of the Summer Music Games event in Murfreesboro, Tenn., has been cancelled. Early Monday morning, attentive members of our interactive team detected the use of an automated "voting bot" which has severely skewed and compromised the voting results, forcing us to cancel the contest and negate the results. According to Dan Acheson, executive director of Drum Corps International, "We developed the fan voting format three years ago as an opportunity for fans and drum corps alumni to participate in a fun and interactive way within our competitive environment. Unfortunately, this compromise on the voting process makes it impossible to determine the true outcome of the poll, so the participating corps have agreed that it was in our collective best interest to nullify the results." The order of appearance for the Masters of the Summer Music Games will default to that which was used to determine the order of the evening event in Indianapolis the next day. The order will be as follows: Boston Crusaders
Carolina Crown
Phantom Regiment Intermission Madison Scouts
Blue Devils
The Cadets
The Cavaliers Drum Corps International extends its appreciation to all of the fans and alumni that have supported the interactive poll and offers its regrets in light of this inappropriate intrusion on the voting process. DCI will work to implement new safeguards for future online activities to ensure that we are offering a positive experience to our performers and fans alike.