By Allison Owen I sent in my membership application this past week. Now all I can do is wait to get information sent back to me. It's said that waiting is the hardest part ... and right now that's how I feel. I can't wait to get my audition information so I can really get to work on preparing myself for auditions.

Allison Owen
I sent an e-mail to the new guard caption head of SPIRIT, Stacey Flannery, asking if there was anything I could begin to work on for the auditions, and I recently received a reply. I was told to keep my eyes open on the SPIRIT Web site for new information, work on the basics, and just keep practicing. I also had to ask about something that I read on the Spirit Web site; there was something that said "SPIRIT is open to all young people from age 16 to 21." My 16th birthday isn't until mid-July, so I had to ask if I was still eligible to march for the 2004 season. Stacey told me that it has more to do with maturity and that the only standards for age are the limits set by DCI. That was definitely a relief for me.

On Sunday I watched the PBS broadcast again, and one thing I've noticed is that many drum corps' color guards have gloves on while spinning -- not just the weapons line. This is something that my guard at school has never done, so I took it upon myself to order some gloves and begin spinning with them on my own, so I could get the feel for them before auditions. I must say it's a very weird feeling, but I think I could get used to it pretty easy. One day during class my guard director let me spin with them on, and almost every single person asked me what was wrong with my hands. They thought I had hurt my hands and I needed to wear a brace on each hand. I had to explain why I was wearing gloves at least 25 times! The most common response was "Oh ..." and then they would walk away. Like I've said before, my friends just don't seem to "get it." All I can do is make them more aware of the world of drum corps ... but still some of them will probably never understand what it's all about, no matter how hard I try.