This week, Wesley Henderson wrote a quick-yet-inspirational blog entry about his time with the Kiwanis Kavaliers. Chris Whitehurst, a band director in Hertford, N.C., wrote about spending a fall Saturday like many of us do – at a band contest. In Blogwatch, we'll shine the proverbial spotlight on those current marching members and fans who keep a blog, xanga or other drum corps-related personal Web sites every Tuesday. If you have an entry of your marching musings that you're particularly proud of, send the URL to and we might mention it in our weekly DCI blogwatch news feature, depending on the overall content. To get a mention, use profanity-free language, avoid personal attacks and make it interesting and topical. Send the URL to We'll send you a note if we plan to mention your site on If you already sent us your link, we might mention it next week! And by all means, spread the word about blogwatch to your drum corps brothers and sisters!