Here's this week's installment of DCI Blogwatch, where we spotlight the best of drum corps blogging each week. Allan Coyle, director of bands at Currituck County High School in Barco, N.C., was recently looking forward to attending a conference where he'd witness some high-profile DCI names at work. "At this year's conference, I will get to see Jay Bocook conduct his arrangement of "Bacchanale" and will also get to see Robert W. Smith conduct one of his new works," Coyle said. Coyle also uses his blog to communicate with his band's members. "Congratulations on THE most successful marching season ever for our program! Last night, you laid it all on the line and performed your greatest show. It's a great feeling to go out with your best, knowing that you left it all on the field and have no regrets. Never look back and think "what if", because last night was truly emotional and deserves to be treated as such. In one marching season, you single handedly put Currituck County back on the music program map. Next year, we will come out full steam with no holds barred, and make believers out of everyone one more time. When they see our name on a competition sheet next year, every band out there will have something to fear." Joe Smith, a frequent DCI blog contributor, laments the weather today, yet puts it into proper context. "It's snowing -- I'm depressed, but at the same time it's time for drum corps to start again," Smith wrote. In Blogwatch, we'll shine the proverbial spotlight on those current marching members and fans who keep a blog, xanga or other drum corps-related personal Web sites every Tuesday. If you have an entry of your marching musings that you're particularly proud of, send the URL to and we might mention it in our weekly DCI blogwatch news feature, depending on the overall content. To get a mention, use profanity-free language, avoid personal attacks and make it interesting and topical. We'll send you a note if we plan to mention your site on If you already sent us your link, we might mention it next week! Blog away!