Here is the first installment of DCI Blogwatch, where we're spotlighting the best of drum corps blogging each week. Jeff Molnar, who marched with the Santa Clara Vanguard last summer, headed out to Army basic training last night. His parting thoughts were about marching drum corps: "Aside from my loved ones, it's been the only thing I've ever really cared about or been passionate about. Marching in the Vanguard this past summer is an experience I'll never forget. I know the lessons that the corps taught me will give me an edge in my Army training. SFAS (Special Forces Assessment and Selection) is going to be rough, no doubt," Molnar wrote. Elsewhere, Christopher Rutt, currently a member of the national touring company of "Blast!", rolled with the "Blast!" folks into Hurricane Katrina territory today (Jackson, Miss.) and discussed it on his blog, The Blast tour. In Blogwatch, we'll shine the proverbial spotlight on those current marching members and fans who keep a blog, xanga or other drum corps-related personal Web sites every Tuesday. If you have an entry of your marching musings that you're particularly proud of, send the URL to and we might mention it in our weekly DCI blogwatch news feature, depending on the overall content. To get a mention, use profanity-free language, avoid personal attacks and make it interesting and topical. We'll send you a note if we plan to mention your site on If you already sent us your link, we might mention it next week! Blog away!