This week's "The Field Pass with DCI's Dan Potter" audio feature for DCI Season Pass subscribers has been posted.

The Field Pass with DCI's Dan Potter is a half-hour audio magazine featuring the performers, designers, instructors and fans of the world's top drum corps. Season on! Grab your Field Pass and let's go to the stadium!

Contents of The Field Pass, Vol. 2 - June 28:

It's week two of the season, and gold medal number two for the Cavaliers as they claim the title at DCI Orlando. The Bluecoats do a little "tongue drumming": Big Bloo is "On the Field" as our corps of the week. The Cadets' Marc Sylvester could be his own worst enemy. We'll find out more in our "Box 5" interview. Plus, "On the 50," in the Citrus Bowl, fans tell us what they think of televising DCI finals on ESPN 2. And, We'll remember when Madison did Gershwin, 20 years ago, in our DCI Classic moment.

Dan Potter is well-known to DCI fans as a frequent field announcer.

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