This week's "The Field Pass with DCI's Dan Potter" audio feature for DCI Season Pass subscribers has been posted. This week, based on user feedback, you can either download the feature or simply stream it! Cool! Listen to a free, two-minute sample.
The Field Pass with DCI's Dan Potter is a half-hour audio magazine featuring the performers, designers, instructors and fans of the world's top drum corps. Season on! Grab your Field Pass and let's go to the stadium! Contents of The Field Pass, Vol. 3 – July 7: This week on The Field Pass with DCI's Dan Potter: While The Cavaliers take their third major title at the DCI Central Illinois show, the Madison Scouts post the season's highest score so far. Program coordinator Michael Cesario says the Scouts are "en fuego!" On the other side of the "pond," European drum corps fans heap praise on the Blue Devils. Corps Director Dave Gibbs tells us about BD's three-week tour. Bands of America summer campers go crazy over DCI. Plus, a purely percussive drum corps Classic Moment and One Week in DCI. Dan Potter is well-known to DCI fans as a frequent field announcer. If you're a Season Pass subscriber, login and look under the Summer Coverage pull-down menu. Remember when. Live it now. One pass. One place.