The corps members in morning and afternoon practice were as baked as the frosted corn flakes rolling out of the ovens at the Kellogg's factory just a couple blocks away from Battle Creek High School's C.W. Post Stadium, home of the 2006 DCI Battle Creek event of the Summer Music Games Tour. Tony the Tiger would be bound to say "They'rrrrrrrrre GREAT" about all of tonight's performances, despite the fact that the temperatures are hovering somewhere between mildly annoying and toaster oven.

C.W. Post Stadium is ready for tonight's drum corps event.
Division I Blue Devils, Bluecoats, Boston Crusaders, Capital Regiment, Carolina Crown, Colts, Glassmen, Madison Scouts, the Magic, Phantom Regiment, Southwind and Spirit from JSU will attempt to shake things up to get an upper hand on their competition heading into next weekend's DCI Southwestern Championship in San Antonio. Division II and III competition includes Capital Sound, Colt Cadets and Memphis Sound. After the competition, we might have a better idea how the season is shaping up, and then we'll all head to San Antonio to cool off a bit. Check out the on-field and behind the scenes happenings tonight on the DCI Season Pass.