Welcome to the spacious confines of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, home of the first-ever Coltrin & Associates DCI Southeastern Championship.

The Georgia Dome
This show takes on an unexpected aura of increased importance to corps fans, being that last night's Masters of the Summer Music Games was rained out well before all the top corps were able to take the field. Therefore, this is the first show that all the top corps will meet head-to-head since last weekend's stunning results in San Antonio. Will The Cavaliers stay ahead of the rest of the pack? Will Blue Devils extract revenge for having their undefeated streak broken in San Antonio? What about Phantom Regiment and Bluecoats...Can they move into an even higher position? And we must not dismiss The Cadets. It was about this time last year that they started their stunning trek to the top of the pack to tie the highest-ever score announced in the Division I World Championship. There is a tremendously small range of scores between so many of the corps currently in the middle of the pack. Carolina Crown is appearing tonight as the first corps after the intermission, but Santa Clara Vanguard and Madison Scouts are trying to lay claim to being in the top six before we head into Allentown and Madison. Four corps from this afternoon's show will advance to the night show. Last week's corps that went on were Boston Crusaders, Blue Knights, Glassmen and Spirit from JSU. But Colts and Crossmen—both on after this afternoon's intermission—wish to go down in the record books as pulling off a major accomplishment at or before the World Championships by popping into the top twelve. This afternoon prior to the break (in reverse performance order), we'll see Blue Stars, Capital Regiment, Mandarins, Southwind, The Magic, Seattle Cascades and Esperanza. Stay tuned to DCI.org for ongoing coverage of what's happening on the field, along with a birds-eye view of the field that refreshes every few seconds. Those on DCI.org's Season Pass will enjoy live streaming of all the day's shows starting at noon, Eastern Time. It's the next best thing to being here. If you're not yet a subscriber to Season Pass, today is a great time to sign up. This is DCI's first regional event to be sponsored by an outside company, and we all welcome Coltrin & Associates to the DCI family. Let's see if any mysteries are answered by the shows today, and let's be ready for some new buzz to be created by scoring and placements. See you on the Internet.