Kevin Whalen will serve as the Blue Stars' drum major for the 2004 season. Whalen survived an intensive two-camp audition process that involved a written questionnaire and an interview with a panel that included the Furlano brothers (a member of the Furlano family filled the drum major position with the Blue Stars from 1983 to 2001).

Kevin Whalen
Program consultant Brad Furlano said, "Kevin proved to have all the tangibles and intangibles necessary to best fulfill the responsibilities that are a part of being the Blue Stars' drum major." Kevin, 18, is a senior at Irondale High School in New Brighton, Minn. At Irondale, he has been involved with the jazz ensemble, symphony orchestra, concert choir, concert band, and the renowned marching band, where he has served as the drum major for the past two seasons. Kevin will attend the University of Minnesota- Morris this coming fall, where he will focus his studies in History and English, as well as continue his passion for the arts.