While some people suffer from triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13, some people go even further and have to deal with paraskevidekatriaphobia, the fear of Friday the 13th.

Even the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index historically performs half as well on Friday the 13th as it does on any other Friday. Drum corps, on the other hand, have no choice but to perform well on Fridays, just as they must on any other day of the week. And at no other time during the season is that more critical than when Friday the 13th falls on the day of the DCI World Championships Semifinals, when triskaidekaphobia already runs rampant among corps that might be on the bubble for advancing as a top-12 finalist.

Lucky for them, just twice in the more than 45-year history of the Drum Corps International World Championships have corps had to perform on Friday the 13th. Take a look back at those top-13 finishers when the DCI World Championship Semifinals fell on August 13 in 1999 at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wisconsin and in 2010 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

13th Place

1999 Bluecoats
“Music of Chick Corea”
13th, 83.000

2010 Colts
“True Colors”
13th, 84.650

12th Place

1999 Colts
12th, 85.200

2010 Glassmen
“The Prayer Cycle”
12th, 86.500

11th Place

1999 Carolina Crown
Jekyll and Hyde
11th, 85.300

2010 Blue Knights
11th, 87.850

10th Place

1999 Boston Crusaders
“A Collection of Symphonic Dances”
10th, 86.500

2010 Madison Scouts
10th, 89.200

9th Place

1999 Crossmen
“Changing Perspectives: A Silver Celebration”
9th, 86.700

2010 Boston Crusaders
“Thy Kingdom Come”
9th, 89.600

8th Place

1999 Phantom Regiment
“Tragedy and Triumph”
8th, 91.700

2010 Blue Stars
8th, 92.050

7th Place

1999 Madison Scouts
“Selections from Jesus Christ Superstar”
7th, 92.200

2010 Santa Clara Vanguard
7th, 92.450

6th Place

1999 Blue Knights
“Suite for Brass and Percussion”
6th, 93.000

2010 Phantom Regiment
“Into the Light”
6th, 92.950

5th Place

1999 Glassmen
“Empire of Gold”
5th, 93.800

2010 Cadets
Toy Souldier
5th, 94.850

4th Place

1999 Cadets
“The Big Apple”
4th, 95.500

2010 Carolina Crown
“A Second Chance”
4th, 95.350

3rd Place

1999 Cavaliers
“Classical Innovations”
3rd, 96.800

2010 Bluecoats
“Metropolis: The Future is Now”
3rd, 96.500

2nd Place

1999 Santa Clara Vanguard
“Inventions for a New Millennium”
2nd, 97.600
2010 Cavaliers
“Mad World”
2nd, 97.250

1st Place

1999 Blue Devils
“Rhythms … At the Edge of Time”
1st, 98.500

2010 Blue Devils
“Through a Glass, Darkly”
1st, 98.050