David Morris
David Morris of Dobcloss, England, is the current International Whistling Champion. He was a guest at the Michigan City DCI show of famed brass judge Dallas Niermeyer. ^I'm from an area in northern England that is steeped in brass band heritage. In 1975, I won the Great Britain cornet championship. When I was playing the cornet and practicing difficult pieces, I would practice by whistling the part at home. My whistling became a request at parties and the like. I did pieces like "William Tell Overture" and "Flight of the Bumblebee." I went to the International Whistling Convention in North Carolina and won the world title. I now have two CDs and you can find info on those and my upcoming US performances on my website at davidmorris-whistler.com. This is my sixth visit to the United States in the past couple of years to perform as a whistler. I just got back from concerts in New Zealand and am the only full time professional whistler in the UK as far as I'm aware. My wife and I found this spectacle of drum corps to be absolutely terrific. The hard work that must go into the performance is amazing. The brass playing and percussion was remarkable. I'm impressed foremost by the overall spectacle. There is a fantastic depth to the brass playing in the top performances. I'm absolutely amazed that they can play and march. I think I'm hooked on it. You might have a new recruit.