We're really excited for the April 27 premier of the 2006 DCI Classic Countdown in theaters across the nation ... so Drum Corps International has put together a prize package of EPIC proportions! It's not "just" big and larger than life -- like the corps you'll see on the silver screen at the Classic Countdown event -- it's GINORMOUS!

The DCI equivalent of discovering King Tut's tomb.
With a retail value greater than $2,000, it's the biggest prize package ever assembled for a DCI.org giveaway. Why so big? We want you to get as fired up as we are about the Classic Countdown event. All you have to do is guess the top three vote-getters in the 2006 DCI Classic Countdown, as determined by the fans in our recent poll. If you guess the top three in the correct order, you will be entered into a special drawing to win fantastic prizes. Enter to win now!