The top personalities and minds of Drum Corps International will gather this Saturday night, Jan. 28, at 8 p.m. at the Pasadena Hilton in Pasadena to converse about the future of DCI. This special discussion, moderated by YEA!'s George Hopkins, is one part of the annual DCI winter meetings. Check back to throughout the weekend to keep up with what happens, including the fate of the 2006 rules proposals, which will be voted on late Sunday morning. "DCI: A Future to be lived into" will feature DCI instructors and directors. Each will have five minutes to talk about any aspect of the activity -- from the creative, to business, to the future, to the past. "There is no agenda," Hopkins said in an e-mail to invited instructors and directors, setting the stage for a free-wheeling forum. Part two of the discussion will feature approximately six speakers who will use video to demonstrate their main points. A panel discussion, including questions from the audience, will conclude the forum. Anyone is invited to attend the discussion, beverages will be sold and the dress is casual.