Many members of Teal Sound stayed active this winter season, and at the Florida Federation of Color Guards Circuit Finals retreat, a few of us decided to take a Teal Sound group shot.

From the left:

Bottom-Shelby Fisher ('07 volunteer '08 Seminole High School), Stephanie (Teal Sound guard '07, Cypress Creek High School '08), Megan Kulinski (Teal Sound guard '07, Freedom '08), Shannon Sullivan (Teal Sound guard '07, Oviedo '08)

Top-Lauren "Lolo" (Teal Sound guard '07, St. Augustine High School '08) Danny Page (Teal Sound pit '07, Fahrenheit '08) Michael Fairbrother (Teal Sound guard '07, NEI '08) Ashley Asel (Teal Sound guard '07, 27th Parallel '08)