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In this recap overview, "H" identifies the highest placing caption(s) for each corps and an "L" the lowest. 
Blue Devils (1st, 97.375) (H-1st-Visual Effect, Visual Performance, Visual Ensemble, Color Guard, Brass) (L-4th-Music Effect) Though scoring 0.325 above the Cavaliers, the Blue Devils outscored the Cavaliers by 0.50 in total Visual (the combination of Visual Performance, Visual Ensemble and Color Guard), enough to account for more than the difference between the corps and Cavaliers. The corps' spread in Visual total over Phantom Regiment was a whopping 1.05. The corps tied Phantom Regiment for 2nd place in total Effect (combined Visual Effect and Music Effect), just 0.05 under the Cavaliers.
The Cavaliers (2nd, 97.050) (H-1st-Music Ensemble) (L-4th-Brass) Despite being 2nd in both Visual Effect and Music Effect, the corps won total Effect. (This was due to Blue Devils being 4th in Music Effect and Phantom Regiment 3rd in Visual Effect.) The corps took 2nd in Percussion, 0.10 down to the Phantom Regiment and 4th in Brass, 0.60/0.30 under BD. (Only Visual Effect and Music Effect scores aren't divided in half before being added to the total score, so the 0.60 on the recap sheet must be halved to determine the actual contribution of any score other than the two Effect captions to the final score. Each Effect caption is already divided in half due to the double Effect panel in use for the World Championships.)
Phantom Regiment (3rd-96.575) (H-1st-Percussion) (L-5th-Visual Ensemble) Phantom Regiment's Visual Ensemble score was 0.60/0.30 under the Blue Devils, the same spread by which the corps' Percussion score beat BD. A bigger deficit was in the corps' 4th place finish in Color Guard, which scored 0.70/0.35 under BD. Both Music Effect judges had the corps in 1st, while one Visual Effect judge placed the corps in 2nd and the other in 5th, a 0.90 difference on the two sheets.
Carolina Crown (4th-96.075) (H-2nd-Music Effect, Visual Ensemble, Music Ensemble) (L-4th-Visual Effect, Visual Performance) Carolina Crown tied the Cavaliers for 2nd in Music Effect, 0.25 under Phantom Regiment. The corps was 0.50 under BD in Visual Effect and 0.85 under BD in total Visual. Although 0.60/0.30 under Phantom in Percussion, Crown tied with BD for 3rd place in that caption.
The Cadets (5th-94.225) (H-4th-Visual Ensemble) (L-6th-Visual Performance, Percussion) The Cadets took 5th in both Effect captions and finished 1.00 under BD and Phantom in total Effect and 1.00 under the Cavaliers. The 6th place Visual Performance score was 1.40/0.70 under the Blue Devils' score. The corps took 6th in Percussion, 1.00/0.50 under Phantom's winning score for that caption. Santa Clara Vanguard (6th-92.625) (H-5th-Visual Performance) (L-7th-Brass, Percussion) Other than 5th in Visual Performance, the corps was 6th or 7th in every other caption, 0.40 under the Cadets in Music Effect and 1.05 under Phantom's winning score in that caption. The corps' scores in total Effect, Visual and Music ranged from 1.20 to 1.90 under the Blue Devils.
Bluecoats (7th-92.175) (H-3rd-Percussion) (L-7th-Visual Effect, Visual Performance, Visual Ensemble, Color Guard, Music Ensemble) Other then the tie for 3rd in Percussion, the corps was 6th or 7th in every caption, tying SCV for 6th in Music Effect.
Blue Knights (8th-88.425) (H-8th-Music Ensemble) (L-11th-Brass) The corps' 11th place Brass score was 1.00/0.50 under that caption score for the Bluecoats. A 1.35/0.675 advantage over the Blue Stars in Percussion accounted for most of the overall spread over that corps.
Blue Stars (9th-88.100) (H-8th-Visual Effect, Music Effect, Visual Ensemble, Color Guard) (L-14th-Percussion) The 8th place total Visual score was the highlight for the corps, while a 1.45/0.725 deficit to the Boston Crusaders in Percussion brought the corps to within 0.175 of that corps' final score.
Boston Crusaders (10th-87.925) (8th-Brass, Percussion) (L-14-Visual Ensemble) While finishing 0.30 over the Glassmen, the Boston Crusaders were 0.50 down in total Visual.
Glassmen (11th-87.625) (8th-Visual Performance) (L-12th-Visual Ensemble) A 0.60 deficit to the Boston Crusaders in total Music kept the corps in 11th overall.
Madison Scouts (12th-85.075) (H-11th-Visual Performance) (L-14th-Music Ensemble) See below.
Crossmen (13th-84.825) (H-11th-Visual Ensemble) (L-14th, Music Effect, Visual Performance, Color Guard) See below.
Colts (14th-84.450) (H-10th-Visual Ensemble) (L-16th-Visual Performance) The interesting thing here is to watch Madison's spreads with Crossmen, which will likely determine which corps makes it into the World Championship Finals, as only 0.25 separates the two corps. However, Colts are just another 0.375 behind Crossmen and only 0.625 under Madison. With the exception of Colts' 1.20 deficit to the Scouts in Brass, all three corps are generally within striking distance of each other in all captions.
Spirit (15th-83.350) (H-11th-Percussion) (L-16th-Music Effect) The 1.15 deficit to the Colts in total Effect accounts for the entire difference between the two corps.
Troopers (16th-81.500) (H-15th-Brass) (L-17th-Color Guard) The corps placed 15th, 16th or 17th in all captions.
Pacific Crest (17th-79.350) (H-16th-Color Guard) (L-19th-Visual Effect, Visual Ensemble) The story here was how the corps stayed ahead of the Academy in order to capture the last advancing position into the Semifinals. The corps' total Effect was only 0.10 over the Academy, 0.65 ahead in total Visual, and 0.20 behind in total Music. Since the overall spread over the Academy was 0.50, that spread in total Visual was vital to the corps moving into Friday's competition.
The Academy (18th-78.850) (H-17th-Brass, Music Ensemble, Percussion) The corps was 17th, 18th or 19th in all captions.
Mandarins (19th-77.925) (H-17th-Visual Effect) (L-19th-Music Effect, Visual Performance, Brass, Music Ensemble, Percussion) The corps was 17th, 18th or 19th in all captions, flipping captions with the Academy and Pacific Crest.
Pioneer (20th-74.125) placed 20th in all captions.