YEA! is looking to add to the team, an individual to manage the merchandising operations of the organization. First of all -- before you read on, make sure that you check your heart. Do you have love for young people? For music? Can you imagine making your day-to-day efforts your life's work, and not just work?
Secondly -- Do you know anything about merchandising? If no, chances are we will not hire you simply because you are a nice person. We need some skills here. There is a huge potential and much sales potential - online and off. So -- the job? 1) Planning and organization of the sales efforts on tour for the Cadets and Crossmen. The individual would be out on tour for some of the time, but he/she would also spend some time in the office. 2) Planning and organization of an e-commerce effort. Coordinate with
Webmaster and other office personnel in creation of the product, marketing, placement online and fulfillment. 3) Planning and organization of the sales effort for the U.S. Scholastic Band Association events. Included here are weekend sales events from September through November (marching bands) and February - April (concert and jazz). 4) Planning and organization of MUSICWEAR - an online and onsite effort to sell music-related merchandise to fans, to friends and participants in the world of music performance. 5) Planning and organization of the CADET Trophy Company. Currently, we make about 2000 trophies for our own use but there is great potential for the creation of a legitimate for profit subsidiary. The successful candidate will manage a building effort as well as a marketing effort to bring this well-priced product to more groups, related and not related to the world of pageantry. The position can begin at anytime. The successful candidate will possess a variety of skills as noted above. Marketing and sales skills are a definite as well as the ability to support volunteer and paid staff. Creativity and a well-tuned work ethic will come in handy. There is no person in this position currently. The tasks have been handled by other office personnel, farmed out to outside contractors, or not done at all. SO -- there is also the task and excitement of creating the job. This is not a position for someone that needs loads of supervision. This is a job for someone who wants to take control of his future, as well as the future of a total business. Fees and all can be discussed but, after a starter period, YEA! does offer a medical and dental plan as well as a varied work schedule. YES, there are a good many weekends and YES, we do take some time off after the job is done and done well. Interested?
Please do send a letter of interest and your resume to George Hopkins at We would love to have someone signed, if not sealed and delivered very soon. So - please, drop us a line today. And come join a team who IS making a difference in the world, one day at a time.