The 2003 DVDs have been out for a while, and we're starting to get rave reviews from people who have already played them dozens of times! Chris Pagano: "I just wanted to quickly drop a note to add to my compliments to the growing list of praise you are receiving regarding the 2003 DVDs. As a member of the 2003 Boston Crusaders (and returning this year for my age-out), and having marched drum corps since I was 15, I just wanted to tell you how proud I was of the DVDs. I showed all my friends! "The quality is just unbelievable, and with all the different options available, I have found myself watching and rewatching the many excellent shows over and over again with different mixtures of the settings. "I have learned quite a bit from each show and showed all this to my friends and family as well. Thank you so much for giving me something to watch (and show to those that aren't "in the know") that truly captures the spirit of this activity that we all love so much. Thanks again and please keep up the hard work." Mike Swartzentruber: "This is the greatest DVD ever! The DVD was shipped in only two days! When I finally watched the corps with the amazing sound quality, I was speechless. This is the best DVD I have." Purchase the 2003 Division I DVD set Read more rave reviews of the 2003 DVDs