The spirit of giving has just become even easier for the more than 300 million users of the social media Web site Facebook. Banking company, Chase, is asking individuals to help them determine how to spend $5 million in charitable contributions through the now popular Chase Community Giving campaign. Individual participation is as easy as voting for up to 20 of your favorite organizations – including many of the DCI member corps.

How does it work? Chase has more than 500,000 nonprofit organizations currently listed, and individual Facebook users may vote for those who they would like to see receive a donation. Next Friday, Dec. 11, the first round of voting concludes and the top 100 organizations will receive $25,000. Then, to really ring in the New Year, Chase will hold a second round of voting from January 15 to 22, and the top five organizations with the most votes will receive $100,000. Finally, the nonprofit receiving the largest number of votes will be awarded a whopping $1 million and a special Chase advisory board led by prominent national philanthropists will select an additional charity to also receive $1 million!

Many drum corps and fans have already jumped on the voting board to help put their corps at the top of the gift list. Even special Facebook groups created by drum corps enthusiasts, such as "Help Your Favorite Drum Corps Get $25,000 From Chase!", are making it easier for fans to find where corps organizations are listed under the Chase Community Giving page.

Hurry, the first round of voting ends Friday, December 11!

Learn more about Chase Community Giving.

Check out the list of corps on the Facebook page: Help Your Favorite Drum Corps Get $25,000 From Chase!