From a Youth Education in the Arts press release: Following a meeting of the board of directors of Youth Education in the Arts (YEA!)—the parent organization of the Cadets and Crosmen—Chairman Andrew Silverstein announced a change in the leadership of the organization. Sean King, the current vice president of marketing and corporate relations for YEA!, will serve the organization as the executive director beginning March 12, according to Silverstein. In this role, King will manage the business of Youth Education in the Arts, with an emphasis on marketing, merchandising, development, human resources and fiscal management. George Hopkins will continue in the role of chief executive officer for the next nine to 12 months ensuring a smooth transition and supporting the new executive director in his role, while at the same time assuming the responsibilities of the director of education and programs. This change, away from administration, will allow Hopkins to commit his time to the world of education, including the Cadets, the U.S. Scholastic Band Association (USSBA), and various clinics and workshops such like "Music is Cool" events. "This reorganization, suggested by Mr. Hopkins, and endorsed unanimously by the Board of Directors, is meant to allow for a more equitable distribution of responsibilities with Hopkins' continuing recent efforts to support band directors affiliated with the U.S. Scholastic Band Association," Silverstein said. "At the same time, George will be able to spend the time necessary with the Cadets, both through the creative process and the summer tour." Silverstein continued: "This is a transitional period. At the appropriate time, Mr. Hopkins will relinquish his role as CEO, he will move to the sole position of director of education and programs, and Sean King will assume the top post at Youth Education in the Arts. The executive committee of the board will be monitoring the process on a monthly basis with final completion of the process to be determined at some time in the future. Indeed, we are pleased that George and Sean will both be with YEA!, that they will work together, and that the entire issue of leadership can be handled in such smooth fashion." Read more on