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DCI Hall of Fame Members

DCI Hall of Fame Members

Currently there are 140 DCI Hall of Fame members.
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Gino Cipriani
Brass instructor, caption head

David Glyde
Music director, composer/arranger


Bret Kuhn
Percussion caption head and arranger

Gary Markham
Drum Corps International adjudicator

Richard Saucedo


Michael Boo
Drum Corps International Staff Writer

Jay Murphy
Visual Designer, Blue Devils


Tony DiCarlo
DCI Contest Director

Harold "Robby" Robinson
Crossmen Founding Director

Sal Salas
Color Guard Designer, Program Coordinator


John Meehan
Brass instructor and arranger

Bob Morrison
Front ensemble percussion arranger, music education advocate

Douglas Thrower
Brass instructor and arranger


Jim Coates
Executive Director, Carolina Crown

Ken Turner
DCI Brass Caption Chair and Judge Administrator


TJ Doucette
Color Guard Instructor, Blue Devils

Paul Rennick
Percussion Instructor, Arranger

Bruno Zuccala
Director/Assistant Director, Cavaliers


Denise Bonfiglio
Color Guard Instructor, Staff Coordinator

Frank Dorritie
Brass Instructor and Arranger, Audio Producer

Dan Farrell
Program Coordinator, Phantom Regiment

Myron Rosander
Visual Designer, Santa Clara Vanguard


Tom Blair
Executive Producer, DCI World Championship Broadcasts

Bill Harty
Manager, Guardsmen Drum and Bugle Corps

Scott Koter
Program Coordinator, TheCavaliers

John Phillips
DCI Judge Administrator

Jeff Sacktig
Visual Design & Instructor, The Cadets


Mark Arnold
Executive Director, Blue Knights

Bill Cook
Founder, Star of Indiana

Timothy Salzman
Brass Arranger, Guardsmen, Santa Clara Vanguard, Cavaliers

John Simpson
Brass Instructor, Bridgemen, Sky Ryders, Star of Indiana

Kevin Smith
Founder, Carolina Crown


Marie Grana-Czapinski
DCI Visual Adjudicator

Bob Lendman
Phantom Regiment Director 1976-1981

Ray Mar
Executive Director, Mandarins

Steve Rondinaro
DCI Broadcast Personality


George Bevilacqua
Boston Crusaders Director 1971-1980

Marty Hurley
Percussion instructor and music educator

Scott Johnson
Blue Devils percussion director and arranger 1994-present

Michael Klesch
Brass arranger and composer

Mel Stratton
Blue Devils visual instructor and designer 1970-1980


Michael Gaines
Cavaliers visual designer 1998-2011

Ken Norman
Brass arranger and innovator

Daniel Richardson
Phantom Regiment program coordinator

Todd Ryan
Visual caption head and marching instructor


Raymond Baumgardt
Drum corps arranger

Brandt Crocker
Drum Corps International announcer since 1972

Robert Smith
Composer, brass arranger for Suncoast Sound and various corps in the 1980s


Jay Bocook
Longtime Cadets music arranger

Richard Iannessa
Visual designer, innovator and judge

Emil Pavlik
Music director and arranger, Kilties, 1950s and '60s

Shirley Stratton Dorritie
Color guard educator, designer and consultant, Blue Devils and Santa Clara Vanguard

Frank Williams
Longtime brass instructor, arranger and consultant


Dan Acheson
Executive Director and CEO, Drum Corps International, 1995-present

James Campbell
Percussion arranger, instructor and innovator

Rick Odello
Director, Blue Devils B and Blue Devils C

Greg Orwoll
Executive Director, Colts, 1989-2012


Howard Dahnert
Longtime Racine Scouts supporter

Jay Kennedy
Judge educator and musician

Larry Kerchner
Arranger and instructor

Steve Vickers
Drum corps publisher


Tom Aungst
Longtime percussion arranger and caption head for the Cadets

Alfred Fabrizio
Instructor, arranger, adjudicator and show coordinator

Freddy Martin
Founder and director, Spirit of Atlanta 1976-1993

Don Porter
Director, Anaheim Kingsmen


Dick Brown
Longtime arranger, instructor and judge with many different corps.

Jeff Fiedler
Director of the Cavaliers 1990-2007; Santa Clara Vanguard CEO

Peggy Twiggs
Groundbreaking color guard instructor with the 27th Lancers, Cadets


Barry Bell
Musical director, designer, Toronto Optimists

Scott Chandler
Instructor, Bridgemen, Spirit of Atlanta and the Cadets; program coordinator/choreographer, Blue Devils

Tom Float
Instructor for the Freelancers, Etobicoke-Oakland Crusaders, Spirit of Atlanta and Blue Devils

Stephanie Lynde
Principal dance choreographer, Blue Devils, 1980s.

Donnie VanDoren
Brass caption head for the Garfield Cadets, Star of Indiana


Glenn Opie
Charter member of DCI board of directors, director, Argonne Rebels, 1949-1973.

Len Piekarski
Visual instructor and designer, the Cavaliers, 1957-1968.


Clarence Beebe
Founder and executive director, Madison Scouts, 1938-1967.

Sal Ferrera
Member, instructor, arranger, program director, the Cavaliers, 1953-1977.

David Gibbs
Member, instructor, designer, executive director, Blue Devils, 1974-present

Moe Latour
Member, instructor, tour manager, director, Blue Raeders, Blue Stars, Phantom Regiment, Star of Indiana, the Cadets, 1949-present.

Sie Lurye
Founder and director, Royal Airs, 1958-1968.


Thom Hannum
Percussion arranger, clinician and consultant

Marc Sylvester
Visual designer and instructor, the Cadets, 1982-present.

James Wedge
Brass arranger and instructor, 27th Lancers 1968-1982.


James Costello
Founder of the Hawthorne Caballeros

Adolph DeGrauwe
Director of The Cavaliers 1979-1990.

Ralph Hardimon
Percussion composer and arranger.

Larry McCormick
Percussion instructor, arranger and innovator.


Gary Czapinski
Show consultant and designer.

Paul Litteau
Visual designer, instructor, judge and clinician

Clarke Williams
DCI Judge, 1972-present.


Charley Poole, Jr.
Percussion arranger for the 27th Lancers, 1977-1986.

Gerry Shellmer
Percussion arranger and instructor, 1950-1977.

Ernie Zimny
Performer, instructor, judge, contest crew, and DCI office staff, 1931-1999.


James Elvord
Brass arranger and instructor, DCI judge.

Michael Moxley
Visual instructor, designer and director, the Blue Devils, 1974-1990.


Michael Cesario
Visual designer and consultant, DCI television broadcast commentator and consultant

Jim Prime Jr.
Brass arranger and instructor.

Dave Richards
DCI Judge, 1972-1986.


Joe Marrella
Percussion arranger and consultant.

Sandra Opie
Brass instructor for the Argonne Rebels, 1959-1973, DCI judge, 1973-1989.

Jim Ott
Brass arranger for the Commodores, Blue Devils and Spirit of Atlanta.


John Brazale
Drill designer and instructor, Phantom Regiment, 1975-1992.

William Howard
Charter member of the DCI Board of Directors, Director of the Madison Scouts, 1968-1976.

Jim Wren
Music arranger for Phantom Regiment, 1968-1996.


Gene Monterastelli
Instructor and management with Troopers, 1966-1975, DCI judge, 1976 - present.

Jerry Seawright
Founder and director of the Blue Devils, 1970-1984.

Scott Stewart
Director of the Madison Scouts, 1977-2002.


Steve Brubaker
Visual designer and instructor, the Cavaliers, 1978-1992.

George Oliviero
DCI judge and judge educator.

Don Whiteley
First DCI public relations director.


Roman Blenski
Drum Corps Midwest executive director and former Division II & III coordinator.

Joe Colla
Judging and DCI contest crew.

Truman Crawford
Brass arranger and instructor.

Dennis DeLucia
Percussion arranger and instructor.

Wayne Downey
Brass arranger and instructor, Blue Devils, 1974-present.

Jack Meehan
Brass instructor, Troopers, Blue Devils and Santa Clara Vanguard.

Ralph Pace
Visual designer and instructor, Blue Rock, 27th Lancers, Cavaliers and Spirit of Atlanta.

Fred Sanford
Percussion arranger and instructor for the Santa Clara Vanguard, 1968-1980.

George Zingali
Visual designer and instructor, 27th Lancers, Garfield Cadets and Star of Indiana.


Rodney Goodhart
Percussion judge and caption head of the DCI Task Force on Judging.

Bobby Hoffman
Visual designer and creator of the Bridgmen, Velvet Knights images.

Aram Kazazian
Visual and timing and penalty judge for DCI Championships in the 1970s and 1980s.

Robert Notaro
A catalyst for DCI Division II & III corps in the 1980s.

Mary Pesceone
DCI administrator.


Pete Emmons
Visual designer and instructor, Santa Clara Vanguard, 1968-1980.

Ken Kobold
First DCI recording engineer; Created Championship records during the 1970s and 1980s.

Richard Maass
Visual judge and instructor; First DCI chief judge in 1972.

James Unrath
Author of the original "Blue Book" of drum corps rules.


Bernard Baggs
DCI judge and executive board advisor.

Robert Briske
DCI contest director, 1972-1994.

Earl Joyce
Father of modern judging; Influenced the development of a standard and uniform system of judging.


Robert Currie
Percussion judge, 1958-1976.


Don Pesceone
Executive director of DCI, 1973-1994.

Gail Royer
Charter member of DCI Board of Directors; Founder and director of the Santa Clara Vanguard, 1967-1992.


Donald Angelica
Longtime DCI judges' administrator.

George Bonfiglio
Charter member of DCI Board of Directors; Founder and director of the 27th Lancers.

Jim Jones
Charter member of DCI Board of Directors; Founder and director of the Troopers for 30 years.

David Kampschroer
Charter member of DCI board of directors; First executive director of Western region for DCI; President of Blue Stars, 1968 – 1980.

Hugh Mahon
Charter member of DCI Board of Directors; First executive director of eastern region for DCI; Member, instructor and director, Garfield Cadets, 1955-1972.

Don Warren
Charter member of DCI Board of Directors. Founder and director of the Cavaliers.

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