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DCI Hall of Fame Nomination Process


There are two categories of nominations for the DCI Hall of Fame: those for the “Legacy Category” and those for the “Contemporary Category.” Candidates from within the drum corps activity will be inducted into one Hall of Fame, however, the nominations will be voted upon separately in these two distinct categories.

Legacy Category requirements

Any person who has been a longtime contributor of 20 years or more within the activity and/or those who have been out of the activity for a minimum of 10 years will be considered in this category.

A longtime contributor is, for example but not limited to, a director, CEO, tour director, board member, writer, arranger, guard instructor, teaching staff, etc. Through the vetting process of the applications, the DCI Hall of Fame Selection Committee will use 20 years or more within the activity and/or those who have been out of the activity for a minimum of 10 years as its initial benchmark, be the final arbiter of any question of “principal role,” and determine whether or not the candidate is eligible for the Legacy Category.

Additional nomination details

1. A person may submit only one letter of nomination per year. However, that person may write letters of support for an unlimited number of candidates in that year.

2. The selection committee shall accept only one letter of nomination and no more than two letters of support for a candidate. Please limit these letters to two sides of letter-sized paper — two single-sided pages or one double-sided letter-sized page.

3. No photos will be accepted.

4. The Chairperson reserves the right to return photos or materials that exceed the necessary limits.

5. If the candidacy is proposed posthumously, please kindly include that information as well.

6. The author of the letter of nomination is responsible to submit the letter of nomination and the support letters at the same time to the DCI office. See below for preferred method of delivery.

7. Whether Legacy or Contemporary, all letters should be very specific about the accomplishments and history of the candidate in drum corps. A list of bullet points or a numbered list of such things as dates of service, accomplishments, etc., is an excellent format. All letters must contain specific contact information about the author including name, email address, and home or mobile phone contact.

8. It is preferable, if possible, that the letter of nomination and any letters of support be sent at the same time as email attachments to HOFnomination@dci.org.

9. If UPS, FEDEX, or USPS becomes the only options available, please mail the material in one envelope to Chairperson, DCI Hall of Fame
Drum Corps International, 2495 Directors Row, Suite I, Indianapolis, IN 46241.

10. All nominations and any letters of support MUST be received the DCI office by the close of business on Friday, February 14, 2025.

Selection process

• 2 names will appear on the annual Hall of Fame ballot in the Legacy Category. Voters will vote yes or no on those candidates. 60 percent or more yes votes will earn the candidate election. 

• A maximum of 10 names will appear on the same ballot in the Contemporary Category.

• Voters will choose a maximum of half of the candidates in the Contemporary Category. For selection into the Hall of Fame, a candidate must be approved/voted by a minimum of 60 percent of the total ballots cast.

• Any questions regarding the DCI Hall of Fame nomination process should be addressed to HOFnomination@dci.org.

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