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Jay Bocook - DCI Hall of Fame

Jay Bocook

Inducted in 2009

An enthusiastic educator and influential creator of music, Jay Bocook's arrangements can be heard everywhere from the Olympic games to the Kennedy Center to the Drum Corps International field.

Perhaps best known for his work with The Cadets, Bocook helped develop the east coast corps' signature brass sound and arrangements through much of the 1990s and 2000s.

"Jay's visionary approach to musical design can be seen in every niche of the world of pageantry," 1991 DCI Hall of Fame inductee Wayne Downey said. "Without Jay's nurturing and constant desire to be new, fresh and cutting edge, our activity would be a different place today."

Those who know Bocook say that as a teacher he sets high expectations, but also has a passion for nurturing talent and helping his students achieve their goals.

"He is extremely talented in every area of music and provdes outstanding experiences for his students and colleagues," longtime Drum Corps International judge Gary Markham said. "Jay has guided the musical aspect of our activity to unprecedented heights through his creative genius and through an understanding of music that 'moves' us."

Hall of Fame Induction Speech