By Jared Reno
Seattle Cascades
As I sit here now, in my room, with little packing left, I am filled with many emotions.

Jared Reno
Many of my college friends are graduating, and, just as in high school, I am sad to see them leave. I'm also very happy for them, knowing that many of them have the skills necessary to succeed in life if they choose to be successful. Tonight, I will attend my last party of the year. While there, I will say goodbye to many of my friends for the summer and will wish them the best of luck and tell them to enjoy whatever they may do. Then I will sit down outside, with some of my closest college buds, and toast to a great drum corps season and success for all of us.

It's so similar to last year that it seems it should be easier to deal with. No matter how many times you go through something though, there will always be something slightly different that will make it a new experience. Last year I was sharing that toast with three individuals whom I would rely heavily on last summer and who would become my "brothers." This year, it will be with nobody who will be marching with me. All the rest of my friends who march have left town, moved in with their respective corps, and are almost ready for their first shows.

Let us raise our glasses and toast to the summer.

Please, take the time to insert your own toast after mine.

"Here's to maturing."

This will be my first entry for the summer. I will write again shortly and have it posted.

Enjoy this season everybody, for I feel that it will surpass all seasons of drum and bugle corps yet.