Tom Montgomery submitted in this pic. "I've kind of adopted this bass line over the past couple years, although I've only helped with sponsorship with two of the guys this year, but the Cavaliers' bass line is all that, and don't worry about the chips -- they bring their own! "This shot was taken after the Canton, Mich., show in June this year. It gave me a chance to reunite with Doug Steinmetz and meet "my" new Cavalier, Austin Weber, who was sidelined for a while with an injury. "The guys are, from left, Matthew E. "Carl Hungus" Bartosiewicz, Andrew W. "Just Packer is fine" Packer, Doug "Sippy" Steinmetz, Austin T. "Woody" Weber and Bryan Thomas "Chips" Harmsen. A really great bunch of guys who spent time visiting and posing for pics for an old guy from Michigan who simply loves the Cavaliers!" Thanks Tom!
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