We've been getting tons of e-mail recently regarding the DCI broadcast on PBS, which begins airing this weekend in many markets. A lot of people are asking, "Why isn't my PBS station airing the DCI broadcast?" Drum Corps International supplies a completely finished version of the
program to the fund-raising programming entity of PBS. The actual satellite uplink occurred on Thursday of this week. First, the stations must decide to "grab" the program off the satellite, then it is entirely up to each station when (and if) it will air. Many stations don't air the DCI program until Thanksgiving or close to the first of the year. So if your local affiliate hasn't placed the broadcast into its schedule, there's still a very good chance that they will show it in the near future. Keep checking your station's listings. Don't forget to thank your PBS station by sending a check in support of their programming choices once they do air the DCI program.