Aaron Vegh submitted this photo and caption.

Finals Day 2009 - The Academy baritone and euphonium section

Baritones – Kneeling row: Kelli Duncan, Sasha Beskid, Matt Viesca, Jayme Lowder, Nick Kennedy, Chris Sambrano Euphoniums - Standling row: Edan Maoz, Adam Fitzpatrick, Marquis Kowasic, Lucas Rogers, Ryan Johnson, Tyler Heaps, Matt Petterson, Evan Lynch, Collin Gunville, Tyler Karlberg, Aaron Vegh, Tyler Chadwick, Matthew Heard, Tim Bonamo, Andrew Hedlund.

We have a seven-year veteran, Ryan Johnson, who has been in attendance to every competitive event that the Academy has been involved in. Other age-outs include Lucas Rogers and three-time Individual & Ensemble winner Evan Lynch. It's been great this past season being involved with all these amazing people, the hot 110 degree weather, the tons of sun block; it's been wonderful being a part of "The Ascent."