Drum corps fans filled stadiums across the West Coast this weekend as shows in Riverside and Walnut, Cailf. and Glendale, Ariz. put the Blue Devils (79.750) back ahead of the Santa Clara Vanguard (77.900). The two corps have been going head-to-head since the beginning of summer with the Blue Devils winning four of their past six competitions. Both corps are now scheduled to leave the West Coast to continue their tours, and will not see each other again until July 14 in Atlanta, Ga. "We've got a lot more things planned for this season," said David Gibbs, Executive Director of the Blue Devils. "The corps is improving every week, and this weekend they did about as good as they could have at this time and they still have a tremendous amount of room to grow." Also performing this weekend were the Mandarins (66.400) and Pacific Crest (64.800). Gold led West Coast Division III competition with a score of 55.650, surpassing the 2006 Division III World Champions Impulse on Saturday night. This weekend also marked the debut of the Academy's 2007 program, "The Chase." The corps has been receiving increasingly higher marks at every competition, scoring 71.050 last night in Glendale, Ariz. These scores have been enough for this first-year Division I corps to comparatively push ahead of corps like the Glassmen (70.850), Colts (68.500), Spirit from JSU (67.550) and Madison Scouts (65.050) -- indication that any of these corps could be jockeying for position as the season goes on.