Blue Knights Corps Director Mark Arnold, Blue Knights alumnus Sandy Ferry and the 2000 Blue Knights corps performing at Drums along the Rockies are featured in a new documentary, "Mile High: A Tale of Two Stadiums." The film captures the legend of Denver's Mile High Stadium as well as the Herculean efforts undertaken to build a new stadium for the new millennium.A screening was held at the Donald Seawell Auditorium on Sept. 5. Arnold narrated portions of the documentary, discussing Drum Corps International's 1977 World Championships, held at the venue. Ferry shared the feelings of how it felt marching in Mile High. Clips were shown of the 2000 corps' performance at their last show at Mile High StadiumThe film also contains the stories of more than 100 participants, archival photos, film, video, newspaper articles and memorabilia.The next showing of this documentary is planned for the DenverFilm Festival later this fall.