There's no doubt that the Drum Corps International tour is filled with exciting twists and unexpected surprises, but sometimes those unforeseen developments occurring during the course of the season have nothing to do with the on-field competitive action.

As DCI Housing Coordinator Jeff Cox can attest: "From ongoing construction projects and related delays to shifting school district maintenance schedules and even weather-related circumstances affecting school buildings, there are a number of reasons why our corps housing process remains in a somewhat fluid state, often times right up until just a few days prior to the scheduled arrival of a corps in a given city or town."

Although Cox has a wealth of experience in the administrative high-wire act, balancing the needs of the corps against a seemingly ever-dwindling pool of school facilities available to assist the corps providing shelter during cross-country touring, the current season has proven to be an unusually challenging one.

"We're still looking for last minute corps housing sites for the coming weekend in the Atlanta area, and we're looking for a few remaining sites for the Indianapolis World Championships as well," said Cox.

"We've run into a few unforeseen stumbling blocks in the past few weeks, and although we're still meeting with band directors and school administrators to house the remaining groups, we're reaching out to fans of drum corps who may be able to assist us in our search."

Interested in assisting? Have a lead on a place that would welcome the chance to host one of the world's most elite marching music ensembles for a day or more in the Indianapolis or Atlanta areas?

Contact Jeff Cox, DCI Housing Coordinator via e-mail at