Join us in remembering the very first DCI World Championship experience in Whitewater, WI, 1972.To assist in the celebration of Drum Corps International's 30th anniversary, we are looking for anyone who MARCHED at the 1972 DCI World Championship. We have articles and tapes from the great people who founded DCI, directed or taught corps that year, but very little from the marching member.We are asking you to submit your memory of this activity-changing event for drum corps from the marching member perspective. Can you sum up your experience or impression in two sentences? We appreciate that there are plenty of stories that would require 500 page books, but we want to give as many people as possible an opportunity to share their thoughts with the world, thus the need for brevity.We intend to print what you say in DCI Today, the DCI Updates, on our website and in various other outlets, so please give us your best stuff. Also, please include your name and your corps in 1972, so we can properly credit your statement. We can't guarantee we'll print or use what you say, but we can guarantee that someone will read it.THANK YOU and HAPPY 30th!Please e-mail your thoughts to