From a Cavaliers press release: Following successful adventures into contemporary concert band literature, 20th-century symphonic compositions and their most recent exploration of the original music derived from three separate visual identities, the Cavaliers will shift again in 2004 when they bring some of the world's best known musical signatures to the field, drawn from the latest film scores of Agent 007 -- James Bond. Music from the James Bond movies "Die Another Day," "Goldeneye" and "Tomorrow Never Dies" will serve as the basis for the Cavaliers' field show, providing numerous opportunities for communication. Program Coordinator Scott Koter said, "The reason we have been attracted to the most recent Bond soundtracks is because of the creativeness, multitude of styles, moods, orchestration and color possibilities. The David Arnold compositions are very congruent with our scoring idiosyncrasies from the last few years. The musical design team (Richard Saucedo, Bret Kuhn and Erik Johnson) is excited by the diversity of colors and styles represented in the film scoring. Also, the visual and mental images produced by the James Bond character are a perfect fit for the Cavaliers: Masculine, athletic, debonair, passionate, suave, creative and risky." Corps director Jeff Fiedler added, "We've discussed bringing the 007 concept to the drum corps arena since our winter guard won the WGI title with a James Bond show in 1983. The visual possibilities for Mike and Andy (Visual Designer Mike Gaines and Color Guard Designer Andy Toth) are really limitless, and they are quite excited by the new direction we're taking in 2004." The Cavaliers will certainly be treating audiences all over America to music heard in theaters throughout the world, which is readily available in music stores everywhere. The design team for the 2004 Cavaliers will remain virtually the same as it has been since 2001. Scott Koter heads up the programming end, assisted by Drew Shanefield. Bret Kuhn (percussion arranger) will be reassuming the percussion caption head duties, and will be adding one or two new technicians to the percussion staff. David Bertman (brass), Sly Sybilski (visual) and Bruno Zuccala (color guard) continue to lead their respective disciplines. For an even deeper inside look at the Cavaliers' 2004 program, follow along with the interview given by the corps' program coordinator Scott Koter.