Some of our very astute fans have noticed that Capital Sound has been prescheduled to perform in exhibition on Saturday night rather than leave the opportunity to the results of the Friday competition between Memphis Sound and Capital Sound. Just to keep everyone resting easy that there is no prejudgment on the outcome of the competition, we thought it worth a brief explanation. Memphis Sound, along with Eklipse, and Scenic City are guests of DCI Midwest in order to provide them with a great opportunity to perform this weekend. Because they are not member corps of the region they are not eligible to move into a finalist position. Therefore, should any of the three corps outscore a member corps, the next highest scoring member corps would advance to the finals. Potential membership of each of the three corps will be discussed at the fall meetings of the DCI Midwest Division member corps directors. The DCI Midwest Division corps directors are thrilled to have Memphis Sound, Eklipse, Scenic City, as well as our Eastern visitors at the events in DeKalb.