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Documentary sets the Gold standard

• Meet the Academy’s SoundSport team

• 2016’s Stanford event gets a new date and time

• And more!

7th Regiment

7th Regiment is on the hunt for one snare drummer, one mellophone player, three tuba players, three keyboard players, one synthesizer player, one timpani player, one rack player, and five color guard members to fill out its ranks for 2016.

The Academy

The Phenom SoundSport team is the newest program of the Academy.

Blue Devils

Due to a scheduling conflict, this summer’s DCI West event at Stanford Stadium has been moved to Sunday June 26. The Moonlight Classic will now be held on Saturday, June 25.

Blue Knights

A celebration of the life of the late Lynn Lindstrom, a Blue Knights staff member and former executive director of Winter Guard International, will be held April 30 in Aurora, Colorado.

Blue Stars

With NCAA “March Madness” soon to be underway, the Blue Stars have a new fundraiser you can get involved in with the chance to win a big cash prize.


The Bluecoats have a number of summer internship positions available.

Boston Crusaders

Inspire Arts & Music, the parent organization of the Boston Crusaders, has hired Brian Seemann as its director of events.

The Cadets

Don't miss this recap of everything that happened when the Cadets’ brass section came to Allentown last weekend.

Carolina Crown

In case you missed it, Carolina Crown posted a sneak peek of what its horn line is sounding like in 2016.

The Cavaliers

The Cavaliers have a number of educational GearWORKS Chop Sessions on the calendar for students to attend in the Chicago suburbs in February, March and April.


Check out these photos captured at the Colts’ February rehearsal camp.


Photos from the Columbians’ latest rehearsal camp are now up on Facebook.


Registration is now open for Crossmen’s one-day student leadership workshop on June 15 in San Antonio.


It’s 360 degrees of Genesis in a new video the corps posted this week online.


A documentary video tells the story of the members of the Laizhou Zhonghua Martial Arts School who performed with Gold during the corps’ 2013 summer season.

Heat Wave

Heat Wave introduces the student leaders who will head the corps during its 2016 summer season.


Impulse announced a new partnership with Innovative Percussion.


Take a look at this video of Incognito’s drum line working hard during a rehearsal last weekend.


Legends reported that it will have a 72-person horn line this summer. Learn more in this report from the corps’ most recent rehearsal camp.

Madison Scouts

The Madison Scouts organization has a number of openings on its 2016 tour management team.


Mandarins posted the spring edition of its video newsletter online.

Music City

Listen in on this short clip of Music City members performing during their February rehearsal camp.

Phantom Regiment

Second-year Phantom Regiment mellophone player Connor Rydland gives us an inside look at life as a corps member in the first installment of his video blog.


Pioneer needs assistance with fitting uniforms as the corps gets ready for the Chicago South Side Irish Parade on March 13.

Santa Clara Vanguard

Santa Clara Vanguard’s Birthday Dinner will take place on Sunday, February 28 at California’s Great American Pavilion in Santa Clara, California. The annual event will feature the 2016 debut of the Vanguard and Vanguard Cadets.

Spirit of Atlanta

In a new sponsorship deal, Spirit of Atlanta’s brass section will perform exclusively with Warburton mouthpieces in 2016.


Thunder shared a set of photos from the corps’ February rehearsal camp.


Troopers wrapped up its February rehearsal camp last weekend. Check out these photos recapping the action.

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