From a Court of Honor press release: Court of Honor welcomed their prospective members, parents, and friends to their open house/audition Camp this past Saturday morning. In the first meeting, program coordinator Alan Armstrong made the long-awaited announcement of the show concept for the 2004 season, and then played several selections for the crowd. The corps 2004 production will be based on music from the Broadway Show "Seussical the Musical." Armstrong commented, "After meeting with the staff and evaluating several different directions we could go programmatically this season, we made the decision to utilize this music for the basis of the show. There is a huge variety of musical styles explored in this musical and that provides us a great palate to choose from as we build the total show concept this year. The visual concepts are still in development and specific selections are still being considered, but the programming team is moving forward with great energy and enthusiasm. We've got some wonderful people on this creative staff and I can't wait to see how this program unfolds. We set the priorities for the corps a year ago to be education, excellence and entertainment. We feel this program will give us the opportunity to provide both the members and the DCI audiences a great dose of all those elements this summer." Executive director Marc Kaufman commented on the show and the open house camp for the corps' second season. "It's going to be exciting to actually hear the work that's been done so far come to life this weekend. The horn line is going to work on the opener, and I can't wait to hear it on bugles rather than on a computer. We've had an exciting off-season, and now we have a great start to this year with the attendance at our first audition weekend." The corps' second audition weekend will be December 13 and 14. For more details on the corps and for complete audition information, go to