In 2008, the Drum Corps International Board of Directors was restructured to a nine-person group established to facilitate more efficient business operations. Previously the entire World Class voting membership comprised the organization's board. The new setup called for six elected representatives from the body of DCI member corps as well as three unaffiliated (at-large) members. For the first year of the board's operation, the nine members served one-year terms with the intent to institute staggered three-year terms in 2009. Read more about the board structure created in 2008. Elected on Saturday, Jan. 24 by secret ballot of the DCI member corps: Three-year term Mark Arnold (Blue Knights) Mike Kehoss (at-large) Rick Valenzuela (Phantom Regiment) Two-year term Jeff Fiedler (Santa Clara Vanguard) David Glasgow (Bluecoats) Brian Setzer (at-large) One-year term Tom French (at-large) George Hopkins (Cadets) Greg Orwoll (Colts) Eight of nine board members were re-elected from the group that served in 2008. While Santa Clara Vanguard CEO Jeff Fiedler was not a member of the board last year, he holds nearly 15 years experience as a member of the DCI Board of Directors including several as chairman. "This was a very productive meeting weekend, not only for the quantity of issues addressed, but for the spirit of cooperation present among all of the corps directors," said chairman of the board Mark Arnold. Other candidates who expressed their consent to run in the board election included Roman Blenski of the Pioneer and Kevin Smith of the Carolina Crown.