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This was the second competition weekend that used an 11-person judging panel, with an additional judge for Visual Effect and Music Effect. Read more about the 11-judge panel. The top four corps from the DCI Southeastern Championship afternoon event advanced into the evening finals competition. Boston Crusaders (1st, 85.850) swept all three Visual captions (Performance, Ensemble and Color Guard) and all three Music captions (Brass, Ensemble and Percussion). The corps placed 2nd in both Effect captions (Visual and Music). Blue Stars (2nd, 84.875) won both Effect captions, placed 2nd in Visual Ensemble and Music Ensemble and 3rd in Visual Ensemble, Color Guard and Brass. The corps' 5th place finish in Percussion was down from its 3rd place finish last week in the San Antonio afternoon prelims. Glassmen (3rd, 83.000) took 2nd in Color Guard and 3rd in Music Ensemble and Percussion. The corps took 4th in both Effect captions, Visual Ensemble and Brass, and 5th in Visual Performance. Crossmen (4th, 82.700) were pulled up into the evening finals competition by placing 0.875 over the Madison Scouts largely due to 2nd place finishes in Visual Performance (to Madison's 6th place) and Brass (to Madison's 7th place). The corps placed 3rd in Effect Music, 4th in Color Guard and Percussion, and 5th in Visual Ensemble and Effect Visual. Madison Scouts (5th, 81.825) finished best in Effect Visual (2nd), just 0.25 down to the Blue Stars' winning score. The corps took 6th in Effect Music which was 1.2 down to the Blue Stars. Despite a 3rd place finish in Visual Ensemble, the corps took 6th in Visual Performance and 7th in Color Guard. A 4th place finish in Music Ensemble was muted by a 7th place finish in Brass and 6th place in Percussion. Colts (6th, 80.725) scored 1.1 under Madison in Atlanta after scoring 0.125 under the Scouts in San Antonio. Bright spots were a 4th place finish in Visual Performance and 5th place finishes in both Effect captions and Color Guard. The corps finished 6th in Brass, 7th in Visual Ensemble, 8th in Music Ensemble and 10th in Percussion. Spirit (7th, 80.425) finished just 0.3 behind the Colts. The corps took 2nd place in Percussion which was just 0.15 behind that of the Boston Crusaders (prior to that score being divided in half and added to the overall score). Spirit finished 5th in Music Ensemble, 6th in Visual Ensemble and Color Guard, 7th in both Effect captions and Visual Performance, and 8th in Brass. Pacific Crest (8th, 77.200) finished under Spirit in every caption and traded a number of spots with the Academy. Both of those corps currently sit in the top 17 which is the cutoff for a spot in the DCI World Championship Semifinals. Finishing 8th in Percussion, Pacific Crest's drum line was just nudged by the Troopers. Effect Visual and Color Guard finished 8th; Visual Performance, Visual Ensemble, Brass and Music Ensemble 9th; and Effect Music 10th. The Academy (9th, 77.000) found strength in a 5th place finish in Brass and 7th in Music Ensemble. The corps tied for 8th in Effect Music and took 9th in Effect Visual and Percussion, and took 11th place in all three Visual captions. Troopers (10th, 76.450) took 6th in Percussion and tied with the Academy in Effect Music. The corps placed 8th in Visual Ensemble, with all remaining captions (Visual Performance, Color Guard, Brass and Music Ensemble) finishing in 10th. Mandarins (11th, 75.225) took 8th in Visual Performance, 9th in Color Guard, 10th in Visual Effect and Visual Ensemble and 11th in all other captions. Pioneer (12th, 70.300) placed 12th in all captions.