As we celebrate the holiday season and the calendar year draws to a close, we want to take one more moment to recognize the amazing achievements of the performers who participated on the 2018 Drum Corps International Tour. Their determination, passion for excellence, and extraordinary performances have inspired us all to work even harder on their behalf, and on behalf of those who will follow them in the coming year and in the future.

We also extend our gratitude to the thousands of teachers, volunteers, and administrators who serve the activity with the utmost integrity and professionalism to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment so that the performers can maximize the benefits of a truly unique and overwhelmingly positive experience.

DCI has faced challenging and defining moments this year, like so many other youth-based organizations across the country. While we had already been addressing the need to enhance our policies and procedures for some time, the events of 2018 most certainly accelerated our efforts as we further sharpen our focus on participant health and safety.

We will continue to share our progress and important information on these and other activities directly with the DCI community via our website and social media channels. You can also find all of our posts and statements in the news section of the website once they have cycled off the home page.

Although we are not at liberty to discuss employment matters of our participating organizations as we have stated previously, significant progress is being made on multiple fronts; and this progress will continue. Vetting and hiring processes continue to be refined and new practices are being established to increase and enhance the health and safety focus for all involved. 

As part of ongoing improvement, the community-wide annual meeting in January will offer a forum for additional training and progress. More than 350 representatives from member organizations will participate in the annual sessions on competitive issues for the upcoming season along with critical discussions on health, wellness and safety of every aspect of every activity under the DCI umbrella, in preparation for the 2019 DCI Tour.

As we move into the new year, DCI and its participating organizations will continue working together relentlessly to better safeguard all performers, staff, and volunteers. We encourage you to be involved with the DCI community along the journey by staying informed, supporting DCI’s participating organizations, and sharing your input.

We remain extremely grateful to all those working extensively to elevate the drum corps experience for the outstanding performers taking part. We wish you all happy holidays and a safe and healthful New Year.