From left to right: Bob Jacobs (Jersey Surf), Tim Bartholomew (representative to the advisory board for judging), J.W. Koester, Dan Acheson, George Brown (Vanguard Cadets), Patti Nolan (Patriots), John Rodriguez (Revolution) and Tom Maiello (Raiders).
The DCI Division II & III advisory board is currently meeting at DCI headquarters in Addison, Ill., in anticipation of a full Division II & III corps directors' weekend meeting, which begins tonight. The advisory board is meeting to finalize items on the agenda that will be presented to the full board. "We're meeting to discuss how we can better our part of the activity, helping it grow and develop," said George Brown of the Vanguard Cadets, "and things are going smoothly. Brown said the advisory board is presently going through materials to "assess needs, assess show compliances, and other additional tasks." As part of the agenda tonight, DCI executive director Dan Acheson will deliver the "State of DCI" report, and the full group will discuss "How our past season went," Brown said. Members of the Division II & III advisory board present this afternoon include George Brown (Vanguard Cadets, chairman), Bob Jacobs (Jersey Surf, vice chairman), Patti Nolan, (Patriots), John Rodriguez (Revolution) and Tom Maiello (Raiders). DCI Division II & III coordinator J.W. Koester, DCI director of operations Wayne Leide, and DCI housing coordinator Jeff Cox also were present at the meetings.