Madah Bahana University of Indonesia
One of the groups slated for Drum Corps International's inaugural DrumLine Battle?„? demonstrations is Madah Bahana University of Indonesia. Madah Bahana members, who come from Depok, Indonesia, are no strangers to throwing down percussive beats in competition. The marching band's drum line has already appeared in numerous Indonesian events similar to the new DrumLine Battle concept since 2007. This week, the group has submitted a special introductory video to say hello to the world and to share their enthusiasm for the new DrumLine Battle program. Check out Madah Bahana on Facebook.
If your group is gearing up for future DrumLine Battles, we want to hear from you! Shoot an introductory video about your drum line about a minute in length. This video will not be a part of the battle, but will enable other battle teams to get to know their competitors. Start planning your introduction to the world and we'll post info on how to submit your video in the coming weeks! Related content: Visit the DrumLine Battle website. Four teams selected to perform in demonstration DrumLine Battles FAQs: DrumLine Battle and SoundSport. Presenting DrumLine Battle and SoundSport