The Cavaliers will head to Central Illinois next weekend to defend their home turf, as the corps has just been added to the competitive lineup of the DCI Central Illinois event in Normal, Ill. on June 29.

Currently holding the highest score of the 2007 Summer Music Games Tour to date, this showdown is certain to make the night's show an exciting one to remember as the Green Machine in addition to the high-scoring Bluecoats, will now have the opportunity to compete against the current West Coast leader, the Santa Clara Vanguard.

The Vanguard (77.050) and the Cavaliers (77.100) have been on top of competitions this past week, each trading off the highest scores of the 2007 season. They will compete head-to-head for the first time this season at Illinois State University's beautiful Hancock Stadium, in what is promising to be an incredible night of sights and sounds. This June date is said to be the earliest time in the season Santa Clara Vanguard has been to this region of the country since 1978, as the corps looks to tempt fate against the Midwestern powerhouses before the calendar turns to July.

Also in the mix of heated competitions will be the exciting performances of Glassmen, Spirit from JSU, Colts, Pacific Crest, and more. This night will also mark the first night that the Glassmen and Spirit from JSU meet up against the Colts to stake their competitive claim.

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