Justin Mons
Justin Mons, 21 Mesa Community College The Academy Trumpet, 7th-year member What do you think is important in choosing which corps to audition for? I would definitely say style. What kind of marching technique do you like? Is there a style of music you'd prefer to perform? If you can find out, learn more about a group's educational approach. You're going to be taught by these people all summer, is the staff's approach to music education something that you respond to? How do you like to prepare for an audition? I like to make sure I feel over prepared. I'll play a piece over and over again until it just feels natural. If there is a physical requirement, running a mile a day until the audition does wonders! What was your experience like the first time you auditioned for a corps? I remember being really nervous. I was this little 15-year-old kid who barely knew what was going on. Thankfully all of the returning members were very welcoming and helpful which made the audition process much more comfortable for me. What advice would you give to somebody who is nervous or unsure about auditioning? Fake it 'til you make it. Pretend that you're more confident than you really are and that confidence will bleed over into your audition. It's also a great performance tool for when you do make the corps! Any other tips? Get as many people involved as possible. Ask anyone to listen to your music audition or ask, "Hey, how's my marching look?" You need to get comfortable playing for people, and the more people you perform for, the more comfortable you'll get. This could be your friends, parents or band directors. Eventually once you get to a decent level of comfort you can start asking random people at school: "Hey random attractive girl, come see/hear how good I look/sound." If you can get to that level you should have no problem playing for anybody in an audition! Learn more about corps audition dates, locations and additional info.