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Fishers Junior High students "sit in awe" of PBS broadcast as part of Commitment to Excellence program

Fishers Junior High students "sit in awe" of PBS broadcast as part of Commitment to Excellence program

by Drum Corps International

DCI's Commitment to Excellence program is psyching up thousands of band students around the country. Check back with DCI.org next week when we unveil a new "Commitment to Excellence" section of this Web site. Matt Harrod, a band director at Fishers Junior High School in Indiana, sent this note in:

The Fishers Junior High Band
"All of my students sat in stunned silence. They were silent because they were in awe of the program. I think they were literally "blown away" with the expertise and precision of the performers and groups as a whole. They enjoyed in particular the segment on the guard captain from the Blue Devils. "I think it is a 'current' program and very accessible to adolescent kids. They really related well to the participants and, I believe, could identify with their behavior on the bus, warming up, summer practice, etc. I pointed out to them the speed with which the Cavaliers were moving across the field and I also highlighted some of the drillwriting by pointing directly to the monitor screen when some amazing drill writing 'unfolded'. "I have a band program with 380 students (6th-8th) grade participating. Our high school program is excellent and a consistent finalist (even past champion) in the concert band contests in Indiana. Our marching band is excellent but not a big or overly popular program. I think this will help to serve as a lure to get more students to commit to marching.

"I really appreciate the human aspect of the program. It is not merely a forum for showing the top shows of finals, but more of a presentation of rewards for being a part of DCI. I have no connections with DCI other than I am a casual fan and have attended finals once. "Thank you for sending this to me to present to my students. It was a highly worthwhile program that presents good character skills to my students. I only hope you repeat this offer in the future. If not, I'll continue to show the 2002 DVD! I've attached a photo of my band which was a featured performing group at the Indiana Music Educators Association State Convention this past January."

With appreciation,

Matt Harrod Interested in the Commitment to Excellence program? Send a note to excellence@dci.org with your band director's name, your school name and address and we'll set you up.

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