From the Phantom Regiment Web site: It was Friday the 13th when this past weekend's camp began, and it was a full moon. Those folks who fly into camp are brave souls. This weekend is typically a music-emphasis camp. Oh, we still do a visual session, make no doubt about it. But in general, it's about getting the music out and diving in deep. We'll do the same in February, and then in March and April we rent an indoor fieldhouse and really get deep into visual skills -- even start learning drill. We've been holding these music camps at Keith School in Rockford for the past few years. Keith (a K-12 private school) is a cozy situation for us, the administration is welcoming and it's a nice fit in most ways. A little tight, but a good fit nonetheless. The front ensemble has a big carpeted stage area, the brass has a full gym and the battery gets its own gym -- and building -- to do its thing in. We don't see the guard until April, so no issues with a place for them.