From left to right: Norma (soprano), Mary (baritone), Stephanie (soprano), Elisa (baritone) and Kassy (baritone).
Elisa Moraga, Impulse baritone player in 2002 (she'll be in Impulse's guard in 2003), submitted this one: "Being a girl in the horn line is definitely and interesting experience, and we all definitely bond together. When Impulse went on national tour last summer, we started a quick visual "warm up" that was basically all hype, where four or five people would do some exercise in front of the rest of the line while everyone cheered them on. You can imagine the pressure to excel, but it was definitely a great motivation and we all looked forward to our "fun block" before every show. This is a picture of the horn girls in the visual warmup before Impulse's prelims performance in 2002. All of us are in there except for a contra player named Yesenia -- the contras always went together. The people in your corps definitely make or break your tour experience, and these girls were awesome -- we had an amazing summer!" Thanks Elisa!

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